UnGodLee Game With Some Bright Spots

Let’s jump right in. Yeah, this is my first post, but who gives a shit. No need to get sentimental. The Warriors opened the 2012-13 season on Halloween night in Phoenix and here are some bullets from the 87-85 win (BTW, I’m always going to link to @msteinmetzcsn because he’s the best beat writer around, even if he is a bit grouchy most of the time).

  1. Andrew Bogut looked nice in limited minutes. Very, very excited about this. Going back to the Sleepy, Pervis, JBC and Larry Smith days, I can’t recall a center on the team who could dribble, shoot, drive and play intimidating defense like he did in 18 minutes. In fact, not sure any center could do even one of those things, let alone all four.
  2. David Lee. What the fuck dude? Are you serious? If I was on the court with you, I would have screamed at the coach to take you out of the game. I’ll give you credit for finally realizing in the 4th quarter just how shitty your game was and making some nice passes, but up until then, you were a black hole of frustration. I may have called you some names last night, and my 7-year-old son may have made fun of his 6-year-old sister for owning your jersey. But it’s one game, and let’s not forget how good he was last year. He’ll be fine.
  3. Curry’s right ankle held up nicely, but his right wrist did not show up. Worst shooting night of the year, but you know that won’t happen again, and at least his misses were good looks, unlike Lee’s forced shots.
  4. Bad Ass Bench. More games will determine just how good they are, but the Warriors bench could end up as one of the best, if not the best, in the league. I have no complaints about any of the guys who came off the bench last night. Even RJ was fine. And Beans coming off the bench to high five someone doesn’t count.
  5. Even though he tied for the team lead with 16 shots, it just seemed like Klay should have taken more. He was 4-7 on threes and one probably would have gone in if Festus hadn’t left the rim shaking after a missed dunk.
  6. Speaking of Festus, the rookies were just fine in this game. Festus more so than Barnes, and I’m not sure why Jackson didn’t use Ezeli’s size more in the second half.
  7. Bob Fitzgerald was actually really good last night. I’m a huge critic of his and I’m often tempted to mute the TV because of his biased ref complaints and ass-kissing to Barnett about his basketball knowledge. But last night he put all that aside for at least one game and had a few great observations. His best: telling us that Phoenix was killing the Warriors while Gortat (Gortotty Potty as my son calls him) and Scola sat on the bench, which could have been a huge problem. Luckily, when they returned, it didn’t turn out to be one, but I thought it was a great, unbiased observation.
  8. Two things made me very nervous. The first was watching every play by Curry, just waiting for him to pull up hobbling on that ankle. The second has watching Warriors PR guy Raymond Ridder pulling rather forcefully on the back of Bogut’s jersey to keep him from walking towards the locker room and back on the court for a post-game chat with Barnett. Last thing we need is the PR guy causing an accident and injuring the currently delicate franchise center.

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